Architecture & Design

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At work in Havana (1975). Photo: Enrique de la Uz.

In addition to research and teaching around topics of Computer Aided Design and Computational Geometry to which a good part of this web site's content is about, I have devoted a great part of my life to Architecture and Design. This commitment has included both the exercise of the profession and teaching higher education institutions such as the Faculty of Architecture in Havana and the Higher Institute of Industrial Design.

In the Architecture and Design section I have begun publishing a series of documents from my personal archive as a modest contribution to the documentation that period, largely unknown, of the second half of the twentieth century in Cuba.

Much of my work as an architect was devoted to the design of schools, including among them the Vocational School of the province of Camagüey, one of the 186 Cuban works of the Modern Movement that in 2010 were included in the Cuban Register of National and Local Monuments.