Project Narrative


The School:

This school's curriculum includes, as in the other vocational schools, the whole Junior-Senior High School cycle. The comprehensive training it aspires to give requires the inclusion in the school complex of a number of facilities that complement the teaching function.

1.- Main Characteristics:

1.1 - Enrollment.

The "Maximo Gomez" Vocational School of Camagüey, has been built for an enrollment of 2,500 students. Of this total 1,307 belong to Junior and 1,193 to  Senior High School.

The estimated enrollment by grade is:

Junior High School (Secundaria Básica):  7th. grade:  455 students
  8th. grade:  435 students
  9th. grade:  417 students
Senior High Schoo (Preuniversitario)l:  10th. grade:  405 students
  11º. grade:  398 students
  12th. grade:  390 students

1.2 - School's Syllabus

Besides the subjects included in the official curriculum corresponding to the Junior and Senior High School levels, students in the Vocational Schools:

  • receive foreign language, computer and art appreciation classes,
  • participate in vocational guidance activities in the form of optional classes and circles of interest,
  • take part in amateur groups devoted to various branches of artistic creation,
  • practice different sports.

    The student assemblies and the activities within the Federation of High School Students and the Communist Youth contribute to the student's political education.

    1.3 - Productive work regime.

    This school's students will work for 3 hours a day in productive work for a total per student of 15 hours a week.
    Productive work in a first stage will take place in agriculture or as self-catering within the school (cleaning, gardening, maintenance, service in the dining rooms, etc.).
    The amount of teaching premises has been calculated taking into account a future integration to industrial work implementing a third shift that enables the operation for 9 hours a day of the factories to be built adjoining this school.

    2.- Detailed Description

    2.1 - Location:

    The school is located north of the city of Camagüey, in a site limited to the south by the city's ring road and to the west by the road that leads to the aqueduct. The school, with its sports fields, covers an area of 14 hectares. and it is separated from the roads surrounding it by an extensive strip of gardens.

    North of the School is the school orchard area intended for the development of agricultural productive activities by the students, facility that will be shared with other schools in the city. The land to the west and northwest of the School has been reserved for the location of future industries.

    2.2 - Building System:

    The Girón system has been used the for all of the school buildings except the cinema, gym and transportation base, where industrial-type warehouse structures were used.

    2.3 - Technical Networks:

    The water supply is guaranteed by a reserve tank and an 50,000 gallons elevated tank. Water distribution is carried out using two networks, one for cold water and the other for hot water.

    The sewage disposal system is connected to the city sewer system.

    The electricity is supplied by four transformer banks distributed as follows:

    Junior High School zone:  1 Banco 
    Senior High School and Amphitheater zone:  1 Banco 
    Swimming Pools zone:  1 Banco 
    Transportation Base:  1 Banco 

    The liquid propane gas for the laboratories is supplied in pressurized containers.

    Garbage collection is done by trucks, with specially equipped collection points.

    2.4 - Buildings that make up the school:

    The School facilities include 19 items that are described below:

       Central Zone:   
    1 General Directorate: Administrative office
    Central library
    Computing Center
    Science Museum.

    2 Magisterial Classroom and others: Magisterial classroom for 140 students
    Cinema for 450 spectators
    12 x 18 m. Multipurpose hall
    Lobby, restrooms and 2 storage rooms.
    3 Special Classrooms: Includes rooms for:
    Choirs and Musical groups
    Visual Arts
    Theater and Dance
    Storage room, dressing rooms, bathrooms and lockers.
    4 Gymnasium: 18 x 42 m. wooden floor court,
    Physical Education office,
    Bathrooms and lockers for students and teachers,
    Premises for weightlifting, fencing and table tennis.
    5 Polyclinic: With a capacity of 30 beds for hospitalization.
      Service Area:  
    6 Kitchen-Dining Hall For 3,000 servings.
    7 Boiler House  
    8 General storage
    and Maintenance shops:
    Supplies and school materials storage.
    Electricity, carpentry and painting workshops with storage.
    Offices and restrooms.
    9 Transportation base: Parking,
    Pantry-Dining room,
    On-duty driver's bedroom,
    Administrative offices,
    Tire repair station,
    Lubricants storage,
    Oil change and maintenance,
    Electrical and general repairs.
      Junior High School (Secundaria Básica) Zone:  
    10  Junior High School Classroom building: Lecture rooms,
    Drawing classrooms,
    11 Junior High School Laboratories: Includes:
    Chemistry, Physics and Biology Laboratories,
    Teacher's private offices,
    Circles of Interest,
    Exhibition Hall,
    Photography premises,
    Music Band premises,
    Audiovisual media premises,
    Management and Civil Defense Offices.
    12 Labor Education Workshop: 2 Wood and Metal workshops
    1 Electrotechnics workshop
    Teacher's private office and warehouse.
    13 Junior High School Dormitories:
    (2 buildings):
    With capacity for 1,320 students.
    It includes recreational areas, music room, study halls and dormitory coordinator premises.
      Senior High School (Preuniversitario) Zone:  
    14 Senior High School Classroom building: Lecture rooms
    Teacher's private offices,
    Senior High School Management premises,
    15 Senior High School Annex: Private offices,
    2 laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology,
    This building includes political and mass organizations premises with their meeting room.
    16 Senior High School Laboratories: Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories,
    Circles of Interest premises,
    17 Senior High School Dormitories
    (2 buildings):
    With capacity for 1,200 students
    It includes recreation areas, music room, study rooms and dormitory coordinator premises.
      External areas:  
    18 Amphitheater for 3,000 people: Includes lighting towers, dressing rooms,
    projection cabin,
    audio and lighting control room,
    and parking.
    19 Access control: Access checkpoint, with parking.

    2.5 - Sports Facilities:

      Junior and Senior High School Zones:  
      Each one consists of: 3 Basketball courts,
    3 Volleyball courts,
    1 105 x 68 m. Football field,
    1 Baseball field,
    1 Field for combined jumps (long, high and triple)
    1 110 m. Track.
      Central Competition Area:  
        1 400m. Track with jump, javelin, discus and hammer throwing areas.
    1 Basketball Court.
    1 Volleyball Court.
    1 Tennis Court.
    1 50 x 25 m. Olympic pool.
    1 Pool for Learning with 1m. springboard.
      Gymnasium: Includes:
    Indor Basketball and Volleyball court,

    3.- Architectural program:

    3.1 - Administrative Area:

      General Management:  
    1 General Principal's office.
    2 Principal's Secretary.
    3 Reception and waiting room.  
    4 Salón de reuniones del director  
    5 Pantry  
    6 Restrooms.  
    7 General  Assistant Principal's office.  
    8 Teaching Staff Assistant Principal's office.  
    9 Recreation and Internal Affairs Deputy Principal.
    10 Economics Deputy Principal.  
    11 General Secretariat.  
    12 Registry.  
    13 Heads of General Chairs.  
    14 Vocational counseling.  
    15 Agricultural production.  
    16 Productive labor.  
    17 Teaching Supplies.
    18 General Supplies.
    19 Head of internal services.  
    20 Attention to visitors.  
    21 Telephone switchboard.  
      Junior and senior High School Principal:  
    1 Principal.  
    2 Deputy Principal.
    3 Secretary.  
    4 Meeting Room.
    5 Teacher's Secretary.  

    3.2 - Teaching Areas:

        Junior High School
    Senior High School Total
    1 Lecture classrooms: 19 20 39
    2 Foreign Language Laboratories
    2 2 4
    3 Physics Classrooms
    3 5 8
    4 Chemistry Laboratories
    2 5 7
    5 Biology Laboratories 3 3 6
    6 Drafting classrooms 4   4
    7 Metal and Wood workshops 2   2
    8 Electrotechnics workshops 1   1

    3.3 - Teaching Areas, common for Junior and Senior High Schools:

    1 Magistral Classroom.
    2 Multipurpose Hall  
    3 Movie Theater
    4 Science Museum
    5 Computing Center  
    6 Central library with a capacity for 250 readers. Press Library and lending,
    Technical processes and documentation,
    Management Office,
    Book Storage,
    3 Reading Rooms,
    Catalogue and references,
    Exhibition Room.

    3.4 - Vocational Guidance Areas:

    1 Premises with water, gas and electricity facilities. 8 rooms
    2 Premises for Facultative Classes. 2 rooms

    3.5 - Artistic education Areas:

    1 Fine Arts Hall. 1 room
    2 Dance Hall 1 room
    3 Theater Hall
    1 room
    4 Chorus Hall
    1 room
    5 Musical Groups Hall.
    1 room
    6 School Band Premises. 1 room

    3.6 - Teaching Provisions Premises:

    1 Audiovisual Media Office 1 room
    2 Photography Department 1 room
    3 Teaching Supplies Storage 1 room
    4 Central Teaching Supplies Warehouse. 1 room

    3.7 - Political and Mass Organizations:

    1 General Meeting Room. 1 room
    2 Communist Party's Office. 1 room
    3 Labor Union's Office. 1 room
    4 Communist Youth's Office. 1 room
    5 Students Union Office. 1 room
    6 Secretariat and Archive Premises. 1 room

    3.8 - Lodging Areas:

    1 Bedrooms for groups of 60 students each, with showers, toilets, sinks, and laundries.  
    2 Common living areas every two bedrooms.  
    3 Study halls with capacity for 240 students. 4 rooms
    4 Music rooms with adjoining terraces (one in Junior High and other one in Senior). 2 rooms
    5 Lodging coordinator, storage and clothing distribution premises. 1 per building

    3.9 - Service Area:

    1 3,000 rations/shift kitchen-dining hall  (standard project) 1
    2 Cafeteria  
    3 Barber shop  
    4 Hairdressing Saloon  
    5 Supplies Warehouse
    Maintenance Warehouse  
    Carpentry workshop and warehouse
    Gardening storage.
    Paint Workshop and storage.  
    10  Plumbing and Locksmith workshop.
    11  Electricity Workshop.  
    12  Transportation base that includes:
      Car Wash Area.
      Oil Change Area.
      Maintenance area
      Lightweight Repair Area .
      Electrical Repair Area.
      Storeroom Area.  
      Tire Repair with storage.
      Lubricants area.
      Bedroom for drivers on duty.  
      Restrooms, showers and lockers.
    13  Parking to the following units:
      School buses: 20 
      Flatbed Truck.
      Closed Box Truck.
      Off-road Vehicle.
      Tricycle Cab
      Motorcycle with Side Car 
      Total:  33