40th Anniversary Memories. The Construction.

The Camagüey Vocational School.
Photos: R. Togores' Archive. Versión Española.

I kept these pictures in my archive. As can be seen in some of them, they were used to specify design details when the haste did not allow waiting for the drawing of plans. About this I have the memories of my dear friend and colleague Egberto Corchado, who was then in charge of technical controls for the investment side. Corchado recalled those frantic days saying:

What a crazy job. I was in Camagüey in the Education Culture and Science Sector. I don't believe anyone has ever really known how much did it cost. The entire Camagüey province paralyzed, planes flying each hour to take giant aerial photos that were displayed in the "Command Post" caravan;  the trailers transporting "lawn" (grass) that the bulldozers extracted at night from the nearby pastures and that members of the "Juvenile Labor Army" placed on the sports fields by stomping on it.
The pools were filled by tankers in order that they appeared filled at the opening ceremony, and Maximo Gomez's plaster statue brought by parts from Havana, in a journey against time which was followed step by step by radio to check its arrival, placement, assembling, and finally painting it with a patina so it resembled bronze.
And the best: a group of us that was deployed next to the railing of the stair which Fidel would climb, in order to hold it, as it was thought that the mortar used would not be fraught when he used it. And so many more crazy stuff, too numerous to reckon.

Arch. Egberto Corchado. Facebook post.