40th Anniversary Memories. The Builders.

The Camagüey Vocational School.
Photos: R. Togores' Archive. Versión Española.
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This time we can say that the objectives proposed in the project and its material realization have fully agreed. In some cases it happens that architects propose very imaginative designs on paper, but these do not materialize in reality, or the care for those details that value the work is not achieved. For there to be a connection between the project and reality there must be a real symbiosis between the aspirations and motivations of the designer and their interpretation by the builders.
Both the leadership of the province and the workers of the brigade who built the school welcomed with enthusiasm, with love, the school's project and braved the difficulties encountered along the way, always finding the right solution with a spirit of sacrifice, aware that the school was not yet another building within the province, but rather that its elements expressed the technical, aesthetic and human values that represented the creative will of the people of Camagüey.
Roberto Segre,
"Una Escuela de Maravilla" La Gaceta de Cuba, Num. 152. January 1977.